Fishtank Ensemble

Saturday Oct 5th - 7:30pm

“Everyone in the quartet is a virtuoso of sympatico different musical forms, from flamenco to Eastern European grooves to extremely credible tangos” — LA Weekly

“In the end, what anyone hearing their music notices is just how talented they are and how their music reflects the multicultural feel of our society in general” — Tucson Weekly

The dynamic, virtuosic, fiery and peripatetic quartet that comprises Fishtank Ensemble take their roots both from their own varied musical and national backgrounds, as well as from their adventures and travels.  Payomet is happy to welcome them to Wellfleet to fill the Congregatinal Church with their brilliantly unique sound, style and energy.

The singer Ursula sang opera on the streets and town squares of Italy, until she found a love of gypsy music...their French violinist voyaged around all of Europe in a handmade mule-drawn caravan for ten years, collecting music and experiences. Their Serbian bass player has spent time playing with gypsies as well as some of the rock and roll's legends, and aptly defends his reputation as the best slap bass player in the world... and the guitarist is a master of flamenco and gypsy jazz guitar who honed his craft in the gypsy caves of Granada, Spain... Whatever wild time you can expect from this band, it will never match their out of this world performance!!!

Saturday, October 5th at 7:30pm at the First Congregational Chruch in Wellfleet.  Get you tickets now!

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