Outermost Radio Film Screening - WOMR Benefit

Thursday, August 20, 8:00PM
There are people who lead their lives unapologetically, without fear of judgment. We admire them for their unwavering courage to be true to themselves. Outermost Radio is a feature-length documentary that takes an intimate look at a community on the tip of Cape Cod far from the mainland and out of the mainstream, committed to keeping their freedom of expression alive, and their non-profit community radio station on the air.
Broadcasting from the outermost region of Provincetown, Massachusetts, WOMR reaches beyond locals and tourists, to a growing fan base around the world, redefining the concept of community. For its passionate and quirky volunteer DJs and diehard listeners, Outermost Radio is the essential soundtrack of their lives. Meet the people who bring their love of music, controversial points of view, and authenticity to the airwaves.
This screening is presented as benefit for WOMR.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Outermost Radio the Film - Official Trailer