Time Lapse Dance - Bringing The Arctic Home

Saturday, August 6 & Sunday, August 7
“Sperling’s magical Fuller-inspired pieces do have the look of natural phenomena—blossoming, evolving, changing shape.” –Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice 
“Mesmerising, spectacular display of dance . . . hypnotically beautiful works...” –Julie Dawson, Edinburgh Spotlight 
“Sperling travels with her own personal cloud, which floats around her as she dances . . . [She] surrounds herself with rippling waves and creates a variety of images derived from nature.” –Robert Johnson, The Star-Ledger 
 Payomet is proud to present two days of dancer-choreographer Jody Sperling's much-acclaimed work, Bringing The Artic Home. This stunning production incorporates original music, innovative costuming, lighting and projections  while drawing attention to the global consequences of climate change. 




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Ice Cycle at JCC Manhattan, June 2015

Ice Floe