The Subdudes

Thursday, July 5th at 8PM
" of America’s national music treasures...some of the sharpest musicianship and ensemble playing you’ll ever hear..."
One of the great shows to kick off the summer! The 'dudes are from New Orleans --- originally --- but their shows are situated somewhere between joy and ecstasy.  Experiencing them live is like getting the antidote to all ills of the world.  The Subdudes don't just do a "concert' --- they take you down a river, over the mountain and into a valley echoing with music and song.  They did about six encores last summer and I think there's still some folks who never left the tent because they're waiting, hoping they'll come back out for another encore!  And they will --- on Thursday, July 5 right back where they belong --- in Truro.  That's when you'll see them blend Cajun roots with an urbane mixture of rock, country, folk, blues, New Orleans R&B, Zydeco and gospel to create  a gumbo of American roots music uniquely their own.


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subdudes "Carved In Stone"

The Subdudes - Bootleg - Light in Your Eyes - Tralf Music Hall Buffalo, NY - 03/18/2010

The Subdudes - Next To Me