Slippery Sneakers Zydeco Band

Saturday, July 9, 2016 at 8:00PM
Slippery Sneakers has an ideal up-beat Zydeco sound that is a crowd pleaser and a pleasure to dance to...even the other musicians stopped to watch Bob Leonard play the accordion" -Gary Hayman-ZydE-Magic  Cajun/Zydeco Website
"Slippery Sneakers…sounds like it should be blared from the speakers of a classic car" -The Providence (RI) Journal newspaper
 Payomet is excited to welcome back Slippery Sneaker Zydeco Band! Slippery Sneakers brings together traditional and contemporary Cajun/Zydeco roots music. Their sound is a spicy mixture of up-tempo Zydeco, Blues and Soul, Cajun waltzes, Creole, and a bit of Rock'n Roll, with a heavy emphasis on "the groove" to keep crowds dancing.

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Woman by Slippery Sneakers Zydeco Band

Slippery Sneakers - Zydeco Dance Party!