Shawn Colvin & Marc Cohn

TONITE - Saturday, June 27, 8:00PM

Two brilliant tunesmiths will take the stage together to create an unforgettable event by joining their warm and soulful music. Colvin, armed with her guitar, will tell her acerbic stories through her crafted and clever lyrics, polished phrases and delicious sarcasm. Her toughest tales and searing sense of humor will be balanced by Cohn’s sexy and easy-going charm, using his exuberance and poignancy to distill universal truth from his romantic and reflective tales. The natural storytellers behind such classics as “Sunny Came Home” and “Walking in Memphis” will leave the audience spellbound, their accounts so personal that they speak to everyone who listens.

Shawn Colvin began her at the ripe age of 15, making her first public appearance on University of Illinois – Carbondale campus. Soon after she was singing in a Western Swing band in Austin, Texas – the city she now calls home. By the end of the 1970s Colvin moved to New York where she remained in the country music field as a member of the Buddy Miller Band until she met producer, guitarist, and co-writer John Leventhal. Leventhal inspired Colvin to find her own voice as a songwriter. She began honoring her skill, and was soon signed to Columbia records where she recorded her first album, Grammy Award winning, Steady On (Best Contemporary Folk Recording). Colvin later won two of the Grammy’s biggest honors, Record of the Year and Song of the Year, for her murder-ballad “Sunny Came Home.”

Fellow Grammy Award winner Marc Cohn grew up to the sounds of Bacharach, The Beatles, Ray Charles, and Motown. His obsession with pop music sprouted at a young age and never let him go: “By the time I was eleven…singer-songwriters were breaking through, and a lot of that music really resonated for me.” In 2010, he collaborated with the same John Leventhal to release his cover album Listening Booth: 1970. The album ultimately bring Cohn back to where he began while still representing a continuation of a creative resurgence.

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