"RED" by John Logan

July 19th - August 8th

"Red" by John Logan directed by Daisy Walker

Starring Michael Samuel Kaplan as Mark Rothko with David Meyers

 "There is only one thing I fear in life, my friend... One day the black will swallow the red.” Says artist Mark Rothko to his assistant. Mark Rothko is in his New York studio in 1958, painting a group of murals for the expensive and exclusive Four Seasons restaurant. He gives orders to his assistant, Ken, as he mixes the paints, makes the frames, and paints the canvases. Ken, however, brashly questions Rothko's theories of art and his acceding to work on such a commercial project.

Performance Dates:

Saturday July 19, 8 PM   OPENING NIGHT
Sunday July 20, 8 PM
Monday July 21, 8 PM   
Friday July 25, 8 PM
Saturday July 26, 8 PM
Sunday July 27, 8 PM
Monday July 28, 8 PM
Friday August 1, 8 PM
Saturday August 2, 8 PM
Sunday August 3, 8 PM
Tuesday August 5, 8 PM
Wednesday August 6, 8 PM
Friday August 8, 8 PM   CLOSING NIGHT


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