Lori McKenna with guest star Mark Erelli

Sunday, August 10th at 8:00 pm
Payomet is thrilled to present one of the great American singer-songwriters touring today! The power of Lori McKenna’s music lies in her artful pairing of intimacy and universality. With her own experience as a template, she explores and dignifies the many corners of domestic life, the hopes of small-town dreamers, and the emotional voids that aren’t easily filled.
She hit the big time as a songwriter seven years ago, when superstar Faith Hill recorded three of her songs, putting her on the country music map. Now, she’s settling into a new phase of her career, and it may be her most promising one yet. She’s  back in control of her performing and recording. But it’s her songwriting work that is truly flowering. The novelty factor – Hey, look, a housewife from Boston with her own tunes! – has faded. What endures is the quality of her writing, which is drawing more and more attention.



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