I’m With Her – Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz and Aoife O'Donovan

Friday, July 6, 2018 - 8pm

In Its Own Quiet Way, I’m With Her Is a Supergroup” – The New York Times
"Sharing one microphone onstage was a subtle show of mastery, exposing every musical detail. The balance depended entirely on the trio’s meticulously plotted arrangements and intent listening. It was a throwback to the earliest days of recording and string-band radio shows. But even more, it was a measure of how deeply collaborative I’m With Her is." – The New York Times

"They're not running for election because they don't need to --- this triumvirate (triumfeminate!) already rules!" – Payomet Artistic Director, Kevin Rice
Every so often we catch a rising star just before they hit it big...and we've done it again with I'm With Her! The New York Times published a huge feature on them March 14, 2018. Read on the NY Times site, then get your tickets here before they sell out!

We've been trying to get any ONE of these music powerhouses – Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz or Aoife O'Donovan – to Payomet for years, so now the idea that ALL THREE are coming means there's going to be two sets of fireworks that week, one on the Fourth and one on Friday, July 6 when their band, I'm With Her, takes the stage. I’m With Her has been selling out across the country since 2014 when Aoife, Sara and Sarah banded together for an impromptu show in 2014 at the Sheridan Opera House in Telluride, CO. That evening sparked the formation of I’m With Her and sent the trio touring the world together the next year. Along the way, I’m With Her formed a special, family-like chemistry, garnering acclaim for their unique blend of instrumental interplay combined with their indelible harmonies. Their debut album, See You Around, was recorded in Box, England, with Ethan Johns at Real World Studios. You don't want to miss this dynamic trio who have something to play, something to sing... and something to say!

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