CIRCUS COMES FOURTH! Performances in Wellfleet!

4th, 5th, 6th and 7th... of July!


The Circus comes to town, the Circus comes to Wellfleet this week!

The 4th of July Parade is just the start, when Payomet's circus float takes to the street.

Then on July 5, 6, and 7, Payomet Circus Artists offer 3 straight days of shows and classes at Wellfleet Preservation Hall.

This is you and your child's chance to experience the thrill of modern Circus Arts! 

See performance schedule below.  To learn more about classes, CLICK HERE
WEDNESDAY, JULY 5th - Sampler performances and CircusCape show
every half-hour, 15-minute free sampler performances by Payomet's Circus artists inside Preservation Hall while Wellfleet Farmer's Market happens outside.
7pm CircusCape Show!
7pm  CircusCape Show!
FRIDAY, July 7th - Circus Show and Classes
10AM  CircusCape Show!
"Circus arts training builds confidence, social skills and is more fun than just about anything else in the world of performing arts.  That's why we're offering --and expanding-- our circus for the 5th year in a row!"  -Kevin Rice, Artistic Director
 While conducting research for his Master’s Thesis in Theatre and Communication   at Wake Forest University, Jay came across several references to The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Clown College.  Professors and directors had always commented that Jay “fell down well”, so he took a chance and was happy to be accepted to the Clown College Class of 1989.  This led to a two year stint as a Clown on The Greatest Show on Earth, touring the nation and performing for massive audiences beneath the Big Top.  Following his dreams to Las Vegas, Nevada, Jay performed for two years in “The Three Stooges, Live!”, as Moe, Larry, and with the help of a fat suit, even Curly! Jay was also lucky enough to be asked to teach at the Clown College for the last five years of its operation--slapstick technique and character development.  What an honor! 
 Along the way, Jay met and fell in love with a funny, beautiful Clown, Kristin, and they got married, with lots of Clowns and Stooges in attendance.  Life on the road beckoned, and the couple ended up in Tokyo, Japan, performing for the Kinoshita Circus, with their 8 month old daughter, Karen, along for the ride!  She was a real trooper!  The Ringling Bros. called again, and this time, Jay, Kristin and Karen went out on the road as a family, with Jay taking the position of “Boss Clown” for the Clown Alley.  About a year went by, and Nicholas, their son, was born, as they say,  with “sawdust in his veins.”  Being raised in Clown Alley, amid 18 wacky funsters had a huge impact on the kids--one that may not be fully realized until they are much older, and throwing pies for themselves!
 As the kids grew, Jay and Kristin opted to give them a “normal” life, and left the road, relocating to Myrtle Beach, SC, where they started their own Clown troupe, “The Seaside Clowns”, bringing together friends and funny people to perform daily, up and down the Grand Strand, most notably at the historic Myrtle Beach Pavilion, a 60 year old beach-front amusement park.
 Jay is also a proud member of the faculty of the NY Goofs Ultimate Clown School, teaching makeup design and application, as well as classic Circus Clown gags and routines.  Jay has also had occasion to perform with the Goofs in New York and in various other locations, as well as performing in Liu Zhou and Hang Zhou, China, with the AEMI International Clown Festivals.  And, Jay is thrilled to be the Clown Coach for Circus Smirkus, Vermont’s International Award Winning Youth Circus, touring New England all summer.
 Jay is currently the team Supervisor for The Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit, at  Boston Children’s Hospital, providing room to room visitation and humor therapy, and proving that “laughter really is the best medicine” for the patients, their families and the hospital staff.  Bringing the Clown into the hospital setting, and using his “bag of tricks” to help people through very difficult times, is a challenge and a joy.
 For 25 years, Jay has been very happy to make his living playing the fool.
 Gabrielle 'Teddy" ment (co-founder of TEDDY & ELEANOR, choreographer, clown, aerialist, circus artist) started doing circus in 2007 as a youth troupe member in the Amazing Grace Circus in Nyack, New York, where she gained a foundation in clowning and other circus disciplines. In 2012 she started studying at the New England Center for Circus Arts and in 2014 graduated from their Intensive Professional Training Program. Ment has performed for the past five years nationally in New England, the Midwest and the Tristate area. Internationally she has studied circus and performed in Toulouse, France and Nairobi, Kenya. When not hanging upside-down from her toes, Teddy enjoys hiking, gardening, surfing and being in the great outdoors. Unsurprisingly, she is now attending Oberlin College in Ohio to study Environmental Studies and Dance!
 Eleanor Getz (choreographer, dancer, aerialist, circus artist) began her movement training at Canyon Concert Ballet in Fort Collins, Colorado, where she became a company member in 2007. She trained at the Kansas City Ballet summer intensive, Snowy Range Dance Festival, the Richmond Ballet Summer Intensive, and the American Dance Festival, and earned her BFA in Modern Dance and Choreography in 2012 from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond, Virginia. She discovered aerials in 2012 and trained with Host of Sparrows Aerial Dance in Richmond. Following college, Eleanor completed the Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance Professional Training Program in Boulder, Colorado, earning a certification in aerial dance performance. With her peers from the FFP Professional Training Program, Eleanor established Rabble Dance Collective in 2013. She currently trains and performs at the New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA), in Brattleboro, Vermont, where she completed the Intensive Year Program in June of 2014 and will complete the Professional Track program in May of 2015. Eleanor is one half of the acrobatic performing duo, Teddy & Eleanor and she currently specializes in performing and teaching the lyra, trapeze, stilting and partner acrobatics. 
Trevor Pearson grew up in the town of Brewster, on Cape Cod. He's been juggling professionally for about 20 years, performing and instructing throughout New England, and beyond. In addition to his instructional work with Payomet, Trevor has also taught juggling on Cape for Wellfleet Elementary, Orleans Elementary, The Laurel School, Chatham Middle School, Harwich Recreation, Nauset Youth Alliance, and the KABOOM and ECEC programs at Eastham Elementary, among others.  Off-Cape, Trevor has recently led juggling and object manipulation workshops for Oberlin College, Tufts University, Rochester Institute of Technology, and Wildfire Spinning and Fire Arts Retreat.
Edgar Ortiz is originally from California. His passion for circus arose from his background in springboard diving and marching band. His circus journey began on a flying trapeze rig in Santa Monica, ever since he has indulged his love of flipping, falling and spinning by expanding his circus skills. He completed two years of Professional Track programs at the New England Center for Circus Arts.  He has recently been touring with  Mirage: A Circus Life, which he helped to create and in which he performed partner acrobatics, juggling, german wheel and chinese pole. Edgar has found his passions in circus arts and loves nothing more than to share it with others through both performance and instruction.



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