Anna & Elizabeth

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 at 8:00pm
“Appalachian vocalizing is a wonder to behold and Anna & Elizabeth deliver a wide-ranging and entirely engrossing sampling of this music…” –Country Standard Time
“…some of the most authentic music you will hear that’s not spinning on actual vintage records from the Depression Era. Imperfectly fine, their vocals crack and warble over exquisitely raw strings. This sounds like the mountains and will give you chills.” –Ear To The Ground
Inspired by the richness and tradition of the music, Anna and Elizabeth gather songs and stories from archives and visits with elders. They bring these songs to life in performance with sparse, atmospheric arrangements using guitar, banjo, fiddle, and the uncanny blend of their voices in close harmony.




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Folk Alley Sessions: Anna & Elizabeth - "Poor Pilgrim of Sorrow"

The lost gander

Folk Alley Sessions: Anna & Elizabeth - "Lovin' Babe"